This will be very dependent if you need to make any major improvements to your home before selling. I can help you determine what renovations may be worthwhile and advise you on renovations that won’t help you get more money for your home. For example, you can spend a bunch of money on granite if you are paying full retail price and hiring trades people but it may be a better option to go with an alternative. If you are getting a product like granite for a cheap price and can do a lot of the work yourself it may give you a good return. Flooring, windows, roofing, etc ask me for my expert opinion as an experience Saskatoon real estate agent and I will tell you what I have found in my experience.

Selling your home is often cheaper than buying a home for sale in Saskatoon when it comes to legal fees. There is no land title transfer fee when you are selling and you don’t generally have to pay for inspections. There are REALTOR® fees to consider though which I can give you an estimate of.