I will do a Comparative Market Analysis for you if you are serious about listing with a REALTOR® in Saskatoon but if you are looking to just get a ballpark figure I can do this as well. If you are just thinking about listing your home for sale in Saskatoon I prefer to do a ballpark but it is also nice to meet you as you need to know who I am and how I do business and how I will do my best to get you the best price for your home for sale in Saskatoon or the surrounding area.

A CMA can take me several hours to put together so I ask people to respect my time as I don’t get paid for doing these. I have, at times, done these only to have the potential sellers list their home privately with the numbers I have given and this is very unfair to myself and my family. I can do a ballpark in a short time without even viewing your Saskatoon home most times just based on my questions. I will often ask you a series of questions about your home. This gives me a ballpark which also helps if you are a serious seller as then I can have information when it comes time for me to view the home and do a full CMA and determine the value based on the current Saskatoon real estate market.