When I come to do the paperwork to list your home for sale in Saskatoon (can be any time before you are actually ready to put your home on the market) I will have probably already been in it at least once before. During my initial visit I make notes of what improvements can be made and what absolutely needs to be done before putting your house on the active real estate market in Saskatoon. We will then go through your home again to decide what you can do to improve it, if needed. Sometimes it is as simple as replacing light bulbs, patching some paint, cleaning etc. Other times I may suggest some landscaping that should be addressed (ie: if the drainage looks like it is going right into the foundation this could cause flooding therefore should be fixed)

Often giving the home a good and thorough cleaning along with some paint patches and de-cluttering can be all that is needed. Other times there is more that is needed and I can help you determine what those things are. Some other common things to do to get ready for the sale are:

  • Remove pets if possible as pets can turn people off and even devalue your home
  • Clean carpets, especially if you have pets
  • Wash every surface possible
  • Patch and paint as needed
  • Minor repairs
  • Replace energy efficient bulbs with regular bright ones as the slowness of the EE bulbs can make your house appear dim/dark on a quick walk through
  • Ensure all filters etc are cleaned as a dirty furnace filter can say a lot about how well you do or don’t maintain your home
  • Don’t forget your yard-ensure your yard is as neat as possible to attract the buyers
  • De-clutter!
  • Take down personal items such as photos with people (often a buyer will get distracted by photos of people) and other items that you don’t want seen by strangers such as diplomas or awards
  • Make it easy to show, leave your home each morning how you would before a showing as you never know when you may get a last minute call to view it and you don’t have time to make your bed!