Right before we list your home and you have de-cluttered as much as possible I may need to help you with staging. Sometimes, in vacant homes, it pays off to have a professional home stager come in and put furniture in, especially if you have a non-traditional layout that people can’t imagine where furniture goes or fits. Other times, if the space is small, sometimes it is good to get a stager in to help arrange the space so that it looks larger than it actually is. They may replace your existing table with a glass topped one to make the room look larger. They are the professionals and have all sorts of tricks to make your home look larger and can also help you with storage options if needed. While I can give you advice and we can work together there are some cases where I recommend bringing in a home staging professional in Saskatoon.

Using a staging company may give you faster results and higher prices as it appeals to a broader range of buyers, staged homes often feel well maintained and give your home for sale in Saskatoon a more professional look and are less distracting. Don’t make the mistake of over-staging though as I have seen this before! Then it is just too distracting and cluttered in a different way. Clean and simple are good rules.