This is a very case by case dependent answer. Some things should be pretty self-explanatory such as if you have flooring that has been damaged by a leaking toilet or shower you will probably want to get that fixed (leak as well as flooring) as otherwise buyers will wonder what else is going on that they can’t see. Other things that you may love about your Saskatoon house but buyer’s may find offensive are certain colours of paint. If your house shows dark or unclean due to paint I may suggest painting with a light, neutral colour. If you have holes in the wall, patches are necessary. If you have flooring that is a mess but the rest of the house shows well I may suggest you give a potential buyer money back upon closing to replace the flooring (an allowance). If you are prepared to take market value based on the current Saskatoon real estate market for your house as it needs a bunch of reno’s and you don’t have the time, ability, or money to do it I would leave it for a buyer to do as there are always buyers looking to get in for a lower price to do the work themselves. I have to see your Saskatoon home to determine what should be done and when you should just leave it as is.