Selling With Kari

I have a background in marketing and customer service. That, combined with my online presence and syndication with some of the top websites for Saskatoon real estate, helps get my listings seen more than most other agents in the city. Also unique to Century 21 is the ‘caravan’ system which I take advantage of. Not every agent with Century 21 does so read more in this section about the advantage of selling with me.

Pricing Your Home

The market in Saskatoon tends to be price sensitive so I will do the research necessary to ensure that we do not overprice your home. It is my job to guide you to the best listing price range. Read this section to learn more about the importance of pricing your home correctly and how it impacts the proceeds you end up with.

Comparative Market Analysis

Many agents will do a “Free Market Evaluation” which is usually just a quick snapshot to give you an idea of what your home is worth but the actual comparative market analysis process is quite time consuming as it is very detailed. Read this section to find out more about the process and what is involved in me figuring out the price of your home.

Understanding The Selling Process

There is more to selling your home than putting a sign on the lawn and putting the listing up on MLS®. I will go over the process with you from start to finish in this section and it will give you a better understanding of what my role is as the REALTOR ® and yours as the seller.

Marketing And Exposure

Many people think that the website is the only one that is necessary to help sell your home. I disagree and I utilize technology more than most agents as I believe in maximum exposure to bring as many potential buyers to view your home. I do believe in honest representation of your home so do not use wide angle lenses to try to make a 600 square foot home appear to be 1000 square feet as that will not sell your home. In this section I will go over my marketing strategy and some of the websites I use to help get your home sold faster.

Showing And Open Houses

When you list your home with me communication is very important. In this section I discuss how I approach showings with other agents, feedback, and open houses and what my expectation is from the owner. We have to work together to get the best price possible and avoid market damage so how your home is presented will affect the how quickly it sells.

What Happens When An Offer Is Received

Congratulations! In this section I will give you insight on what happens when we get an offer. There are three options when we get an offer. Accept as is, counter offer, or outright reject the offer. I will give some pointers on how to best handle different situations.

Home Seller Documents

When I list your home for sale in Saskatoon there are several mandatory forms that we need to fill out. There are also other documents that I will ask you for so that we have everything we need for when we get an offer. This section outlines the different forms required to list your home and the other documents that will help us in the sale. The more information we can provide to a potential buyer the better.