Even though we may have a firm offer this does not mean your house has sold…until conditions are removed and there is a SOLD sign on the lawn.

Call your lawyer and lender to let them know your home has sold. They may need my office to send documents to them as well.

When a buyer puts a contract together one of the things stated is that the house is meant to be in the same condition or better than when viewed so don’t let things fall apart in your home as a buyer can sue you.

Arrange for final utility readings and changing service as needed. Get your insurance terminated a few days after possession (as it takes a few days for land titles to transfer it is better to be safe than sorry!)

Before possession please ensure the house is free of all items and rubbish (except for what was meant to be left behind as agreed to in the contract or fixed items). Don’t forget to leave mailbox keys, garage door openers etc. Please clean the house for the new buyers as there is nothing more disappointing than taking possession of the home that is new to you and having a mess to deal with. This also helps if there is some mail that gets delivered after possession and you want it as the buyers will be more apt to get in touch with their respective Saskatoon real estate agents to get it back to you.