I want you to get the best price possible for your home. My reputation is everything to me and I pride myself in being a trusted Saskatoon REALTOR® so I will be honest with you throughout the process. Some agents just want a quick sale and will push you to take an offer that is not fair for you. If an offer is fair for you I may suggest that you accept it as there are times when the first offer is the best offer but each case is unique.

I work for my sellers from the start with properly pricing your home, discussing things you can do to make it more saleable, and getting it noticed online and out to as many people as possible. From here I work with you to get as many showings as we can. Not disclosing your motivation for selling is huge and I am aware of this and am sensitive to the seller.

When an offer comes in I read it carefully and make note when presenting it to you of anything that is out of the ordinary or unrealistic. Depending on how experienced a Saskatoon REALTOR® is will depend on how this offer is dealt with. I have heard of new agents in Saskatoon accidentally having your $10,000 kitchen appliance package included in the sale when you did not intend to leave those simply by not taking care to read the documents and remember what you wanted. If something is out of the ordinary I won’t hesitate to point it out for your consideration. I want you to get the best price possible but also have the possession date work for you if possible so sometimes it is about communicating that to the other Saskatoon real estate agents.