Closing day for sellers can be a hectic day but a few tips to help keep you organized and to make the day as smooth as possible are:

  • Meet with your lawyer to sign any paperwork related to the sale of your house.
  • Let your neighbours know that you are moving and when so they can keep an eye on things, especially if you are moving before the new owners take possession and there is a period the house is vacant.
  • If the house is vacant make sure you turn off the water to your house, change your insurance to reflect the status of your home as if anything does go wrong your insurance can be void if they find the home was vacated before the new owners move in.
  • Be out by noon as this is when the contract turns your old home into the Saskatoon home buyer’s new home.
It will probably take a week to ten days for you to be paid from the sale of your home but your lawyer can give you a better idea when you may be paid. This all happens at the lawyer so your Saskatoon real estate agent doesn’t have any influence on this.