SaskTel announced on September 30, 2011 that it will be upgrading the existing 4G service in the city of Saskatoon to help deal with some of the congestion on the mobility network.  Over the past several weeks residents of Saskatoon have complained that the 4G network has been extremely slow resulting in people losing calls or it taking forever to download something.  SaskTel like all other mobility providers across North America could not prepare for the overwhelming uptake of 4G data services.  The current bandwidth consumption is 1000% higher than original estimates.  All providers are having issues across Canada and North America.  You can read more at Global Saskatoon on the story.

Recently I read a study that indicated that NetFlix and YouTube account for over 40% of all internet traffic.  This is an incredible statistic and just demonstrates how much society has adopted online technologies.  As a Saskatoon real estate agent I am dependent on the 4G network for both phone and data services.  I rely on my phone and text messaging capabilities to work with other Saskatoon REALTORS® in helping my clients buy and sell Saskatoon real estate. I recently have started using an iPad with a goal to go paperless in the next month. In order to be able to do this I need to have online access to forms, email, and other applications that use data services. As a society we have become dependent on instant access and as a REALTOR® I can say that my job would be extremely difficult without it. Upgrades are scheduled to take place starting in October and will take place for the next year. You can visit SaskTel’s website here to see where existing 4G towers are and here to visit where they are planning on putting new towers.  You may be surprised to see that Saskatoon currently only has 6 4G towers active with another 4 planned by Q2,2012.

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Fusion

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