The town of Waldheim is just 30 minutes north of Saskatoon on Highway 12 and has grown from 868 people in 2006 to 1035 people in 2011.

There is a K-12 Public school in Waldheim as well as a library and museum, both located in the historical CN Station Building.

Waldheim has a fire and rescue service and in 2008 they started a First Responder group for the community. This is an initial response to any medical emergency and is sent out when a 911 call has been made. They are equipped with an AED, oxygen, spine board and other equipment needed for basic life support.

Waldheim has a medical centre that has a Doctor, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist as well as a Public Health Nurse. You will also find a B&B, accountants, appliance repair, automotive, bakery, catering, construction/trades, banks, gifts, hair care, fuel, a pharmacy, etc.

Real estate in Waldheim is growing as it is one of the communities north of Saskatoon that is experiencing an increase in new housing. The Town has been taking a proactive approach with working on long term strategies for their infrastructure and lagoon capability to ensure adequate resources and abilities for continued growth.