Osler is another community near Saskatoon where people commute to and from the city that has grown in recent years. While it hasn’t grown as quickly as some of the closer communities it has increased from 926 residents in 2006 to 1088 residents in 2011. Osler is just a few minutes up the road from the town of Warman which is along the divided Highway 11 from Saskatoon.

Osler has its own elementary school but high school aged kids go to Warman high school. Osler also has access to Valley Christian Academy (Kindergarten to Grade 12) and the students are transferred by bus.

The town of Osler has a volunteer firefighting and first responders group and are also protected by the Warman RCMP and Corman Park Police.

Osler has a restaurant, craft barn, vintage auto/car repair, electricians, hair care, insurance, financial services as well as groceries and food supplies as well as several other businesses.

Real estate in Osler is a bit more quiet than other surrounding communities but there are several new homes for sale in Osler so don’t discount this as a potential town to commute to Saskatoon.