Hepburn has only grown by 32 people from 2006 to 2011. The new population is 562 people.

Hepburn has a small Bible College called Bethany College which has about 120 students. Hepburn School is the other school in Hepburn which is Kindergarten to Grade 12 and this is believed to be Saskatchewan’s oldest school that is still operating in its original building.

The RCMP are the protective services for Hepburn’s population.

Like any other small town in Saskatchewan of course there is a rink in Hepburn however they also have a gas station, insurance and automotive repair.

Hepburn is trying to expand with close to 30 lots having been developed since about 2000 so, while real estate in Hepburn is slow, it is a nice town to live in and commute from but it isn’t so close to Saskatoon that commuting is easy.