Preschools provide valuable early childhood education that helps provide young children social, language, and learning skills. Within the City of Saskatoon and surrounding area there are a variety of both public and private preschools available for families.  If you are considering purchasing a new home in the Saskatoon real estate market and will require preschool for your children you can find information on public and private preschools at the following website.

Saskatoon Preschool Foundation

The Saskatoon Preschool Foundation was established in the 1990’s to help lower class families access preschool programs across Saskatoon and the surrounding area. Today the Foundation works in cooperation with over 90 preschool-type organizations in Saskatoon and the surrounding area with a focus on early childhood education.

Saskatoon Public Schools Preschools

The Saskatoon Public School Division provides 24 preschool programs at various schools across the City of Saskatoon. The preschools are located in various neighbourhoods across the city meaning that a public school preschool is likely quite close to your Saskatoon home.

Saskatoon Private Preschools

In the City of Saskatoon there are numerous private preschools. These preschools must receive a license from the Government of Saskatchewan and are regularly visited and inspected to ensure they meet the provincial minimum requirements for operation.