There are almost 600 REALTORS® in Saskatoon so why choose me to represent you in the largest purchase of your life over all of the other real estate agents? Experience, honesty and reliability are just a few of the benefits of working with me as your dedicated Saskatoon real estate agent. I am happy to provide references and put my buyers in touch with previous clients to make you feel comfortable with my process and so that you can see it is team work that gets you into a home.

Having done over 700 transactions gives me more experience than many agents in their entire career but definitely more experience than someone just starting in the Saskatoon real estate market. Even growing up in real estate in Saskatchewan there were many things that were new to me. At this point in my career there aren’t many things I have not come across or situations that I don’t know how to handle or who to call. So when you are shopping around for a real estate agent in Saskatoon I would be happy to meet with you and see if we can work together to find you a new home.

My knowledge comes from previous experience, viewing thousands of homes for sale in Saskatoon and surrounding area as well as attending over a hundred home inspections and learning from deficiencies noted in these inspections and learning about the good, the bad, and how to fix things. Some of the problems that appear in home inspections are major while others may appear major but can actually be pretty minor and take very little money, time or effort to rectify.

The experience should be mutually enjoyable. I often have clients tell me it almost feels like a break up once the purchase process is over as we go from talking every day if not a few times a day to both parties moving forward with other things. I like to stay in touch though so a call, email or text is always appreciated and you will hear from me from time to time as well.