Having an understanding of mortgages is extremely important when considering buying a home. I often speak with people that are interested in buying Saskatoon real estate but are not pre-approved for a mortgage yet so they aren’t even sure how much they can spend. It is important you get familiar with the mortgage basics before you jump too far in as it will help in narrowing down your search and make your home buying experience that much better. And it is okay if you don’t understand all of the terminology but as long as you understand the basics I and your mortgage broker are here to help you with the rest.

Finding A Mortgage Broker

Having a good mortgage broker that has your best interests in mind is very important. You want to find a mortgage broker that will provide you the best rates on the best terms as possible while being responsive to your buying needs.

Qualifying For A Mortgage

Learn about what it takes to qualify for a mortgage and be prepared to ensure the application and approval process goes in your favor.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Before shopping for your next home in the Saskatoon real estate market I highly recommend that you are pre-approved for a mortgage. This helps determine how much you can spend and will make the searching process much easier.

Getting Committed

Now that you are pre-approved with your mortgage it’s time to get committed with the purchase of your next home.

Down Payments

How much you select to put down on the purchase of your next home is important to consider. Depending on how much you put down can provide you different benefits or add additional requirements.

Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage insurance is required by some lending institutes as well by governing bodies to ensure home buyers and lenders are protected in case of issues.

Mortgage Rates

Each lending company offers different mortgage rates which change regularly and are dependent on the terms of your mortgage. Be sure to do your research and find the best mortgage rate for your next Saskatoon home purchase.

Mortgage Payment Options

There are many options when setting up your payments on your Saskatoon mortgage. Be sure to understand the options and benefits of different payment structures when setting up your new mortgage.


Have you heard the word amortization and unsure what it means? Be sure to read up on amortization and that options you have when buying your next home.

Mortgage Calculator

Use this handy mortgage calculator to help you to determine how much you can spend on your next Saskatoon home by calculating payments based on how much you are looking to spend.