It is rare that I take time off so if I am going to be out of the city and you are actively looking at homes for sale in Saskatoon you will be given a heads up and I will set you up with my licensed assistant or one of my colleagues so you are still looked after in my absence. Whether it is to view a couple of houses or to put in an offer, I will still be in the loop and there for advice to my clients, my assistant or my colleague and as with the advances in technology I can always stay connected. If I am in the country it is much easier for me to be in the loop but for those rare times that I am out of the country I ensure to have systems in place so that you are still looked after as if I am here. I ask for loyalty from my clients as I work hard for them wherever I am and if I happen to be away for a day and you buy a house with another agent that I don’t have you set up with I have been working with you for free which is hard on my pocket book. Saskatoon real estate agents don’t get paid for all of the hours and days of work we do until we close a deal so that means until our buyers purchase a house through us.

As soon as you write an offer with a Saskatoon REALTOR® that isn’t me or one of my colleagues that I have pre-arranged an agreement with I don’t get paid so no matter what please communicate with me if you have any concerns. I am loyal and hardworking with my clients and will often sacrifice family time to spend with my clients out looking at houses for sale so if they don’t remain loyal to me it is disappointing. I don’t usually make buyers sign a “Buyer’s Brokerage Agreement” which means you have to write an offer with me no matter what otherwise you are responsible for paying me as I build a trust with most of my clients. Some have proven me wrong but most are great.