Location location location! This little phrase is one of the most famous and common phrases associated with real estate. They have made TV shows about this and it is the only thing you cannot change about a house that you purchase. You can change paint, move walls, add on, landscape, build a garage etc but you cannot change the location of your home.

The location you decide may depend on many factors but usually price is the biggest deciding factor on where you can purchase a home in Saskatoon. While we would all love to live at the Willows which is one of the highest end neighbourhoods in Saskatoon, we know it isn’t feasible for most people’s budget. One thing to keep in mind is East vs West in Saskatoon isn’t black and white as many people will tell Saskatoon home buyers to not consider the west side whereas there are plenty of great west side neighbourhoods in Saskatoon such as Caswell Hill, Dundonald, Parkridge, and Hampton Village just to name a few. Keep an open mind and my general rule of thumb is if I wouldn’t live in an area I will tell you and let you decide.

Whether you are relocation to Saskatoon and are a potential new resident or else have lived here for several years it is important to do your research so you can be sure that the neighbourhood you are buying your next home in is the right fit for you. I have provided information on each neighbourhood on my website so be sure to read about prospective neighbourhoods. Things to consider when selecting a location can be schools, public services, shopping, traffic, noise, crime, average age, and of course proximity to an individuals work. There are a lot of factors to consider which I can help narrow down your options and allow us to spend your valuable time looking at the best neighbourhoods for your needs.