Do I send you all of the potentials? Do you send me all of the potentials? Do we work together? We work together to narrow down your search. Generally all properties you will consider will be found online. The most widely used website is the site but there are other sites as well for private sales. We can eliminate many properties by discussing them at the office first or through email/phone. Some of the homes I may have been through already and others I may know the history on so if I know anything about the property that may affect your decision I do not hesitate to tell you.

I do my preliminary search on the MLS ® system as this system is the quickest, most up to date system and it generally means a seller is serious about selling their property in Saskatoon. MLS ® listed properties also offer the security of being listed with a Saskatoon REALTOR® which means the listing agent is asking questions about the property before they put it for sale to hopefully eliminate any surprises. We also ensure that the property for sale in Saskatoon is legally owned by the person who has put it for sale, we ensure accountability of the seller to disclose any pertinent facts or issues about the home, and we cooperate fully with the seller to make access to the house easy. MLS ® listed houses in Saskatoon will have a lockbox system which means ease of access if we are working around schedules. If we cannot find your dream house on the MLS ® system I am also happy to check on the private sale sites and discuss with the homeowners if they will cooperate with a buyer’s agent as I am there to work for you, not the seller. Private sales are not my first choice, especially ones who are not willing to work with a buyer’s agent as often it means they are hiding something and they are reluctant to let a professional in for a reason. As an experienced Saskatoon REALTOR® I know which questions to ask and what things we may need to investigate further to protect your biggest investment.

Once we have a list together we will actually go out to view the homes for sale in Saskatoon that you are interested in. I don’t like to show you more than 8 houses in one trip as it gets overwhelming and you will forget the first one by the time we are at the fifth one.