There are many moving companies in Saskatoon and surrounding area and I have worked with a few. I will go over what you should expect when hiring a mover and provide you with a few reputable companies to call.

If you look online you will find plenty of moving companies. If you look in your mailbox (if your house recently had a “For Sale” sign) you will likely have advertising from moving companies in your area. Anyone can advertise to help you move however some companies are more reputable than others. Ensure they have INSURANCE. It is much safer for you to get an insured mover to handle all of your expensive TV’s and items as they have insurance if something breaks. Uncle Tom or best friend Bob probably doesn’t.

When interviewing movers someone should be coming to your home to give you an estimate. They will be able to:

  • Estimate the weight of your shipment.
  • Calculate long distance move charges.
  • Figure out what you need for packing materials and identify anything that cannot be safely moved or that needs any other special instructions.
  • Go over the logistics of the actual move and time frames needed for packing, loading, actual moving to the new location, unloading and unpacking.
  • Discuss any special needs you have for unpacking or packing.
  • Discuss their responsibility if something is to go wrong.
Be sure that whoever is coming to give the estimate knows exactly what is to be moved. Some people like to move some of their items themselves (clothing, etc). Don’t forget about items that may be hiding under the stairs, in the basement storage room, or shed/garage.

If you need help choosing a mover I have had good luck with some Saskatoon movers in the past.