Congratulations! Your offer has been accepted!! Now what?!? Your Saskatoon REALTOR® is there to walk you through the next stages and ensure your offer does not fall apart due to anything they can control. Your deposit has to be cashed and held in trust at the buyer’s agent’s brokerage so that is one of the first steps and needs to be done within 2 business days of acceptance of the offer (48 hours). One of the first things that needs to be done is all of the documents need to be sent to your Saskatoon mortgage broker or lender so that they can get going on the mortgage approval.

Once you choose a home inspector your agent will coordinate a time for them to inspect the home and for all of you to meet up to go over the inspection, preferably on site.

Your Saskatoon real estate agent will also organize any other inspections or reports that are required. It is a stressful time for the buyer as you feel like you should be doing something but it is really a lot of waiting for approvals and reports. Usually we get all of these conditions met within one week of the accepted offer so generally we allow 1 week from the time of the offer to the time that you must remove all conditions. If you meet all of the conditions and you choose to finalize the sale there is a form to remove all conditions and allow the sellers to know that it is a firm sale. Then you wait for possession day.