Buying a new home can be one of the biggest decisions a person will make in their life. It is also one of the best investments a person can make. When buying a new home in Saskatoon it is very important that you find an experienced real estate agent in Saskatoon who can help make your buying experience as easy as possible. There are so many things to consider when purchasing a new home ranging from the where to live to what inspections to have done. Some people think that buying a new home is just finding it and paying for it. There is so much more than that and that is where I can help. When working with me I ensure that your Saskatoon real estate experience is as easy, positive, and enjoyable as it can be.

Being a first time home buyer can even be more daunting and often people don’t know where to begin. I have worked with hundreds of first time home buyers and helped those buyers make their house a home. Not all Saskatoon REALTORS® work with both buyers and sellers so it is important that you find a REALTOR ® who has experience buying real estate in Saskatoon or the surrounding areas. Your Saskatoon real estate agent should be familiar with all aspects of a home purchase. One important thing to note is that when buying a MLS® listed home through a licensed real estate agent, there is no cost to the buyer as the sellers pay for all real estate commissions. You are also protected when purchasing real estate with a licensed REALTOR® which is important with one of the largest purchases of your life.

The following section in my website provides a lot of information for the entire home buying process. Visit each area below to find information for each phase of purchasing a Saskatoon home.


So you are contemplating buying a home? The following section of my website will provide you with valuable information to aid you in your decision to purchase a home in the Saskatoon real estate market.


Now that you have decided to purchase a home it is time to figure out the next steps. Looking for your next home can be overwhelming as there are hundreds of potential homes for sale in Saskatoon and surrounding areas to consider. In the following section there are some basic steps that can help you through the looking stage and get you to the buying stage. Using these tips will significantly improve your looking process and help you find and feel confident to purchase your dream home in Saskatoon before someone else does.


You’ve found your dream home, so what’s next? There are so many things to consider at this point from making your initial offer to having the home inspected. You want to ensure that all of your bases are covered and that you are buying a sound home and investment for your future. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent in Saskatoon will ensure that all aspects of your home purchase are covered and that, as a buyer, your best interests are taken into account and you are properly looked after.


You are almost ready to take possession of your dream home. Closing on the purchase of a new Saskatoon home is a very important step as it not only finalizes the purchase of your new house but also lets you know how to prepare for the move. This is one of my favourite steps in the process as I get to see my clients take possession of their home and see their dreams come true.