There are a lot of reasons people consider selling their Saskatoon or surrounding area home. Throughout my career as a Saskatoon real estate agent I have worked with individuals and families in almost all circumstances where you may consider selling your home. Many of those situations are happy and a reason for celebration but unfortunately there are situations that are more sensitive. You can be sure that when working with me confidentiality is extremely important and I will be sensitive to all reasons on why you may be selling your home and only disclose the reason if you direct me to do so. It is a natural question for a buyer to ask but I do not disclose as it may impact negotiations on your home.

Sell Now Or Wait?

This is one the biggest questions people considering selling their Saskatoon or surrounding area home ask themselves. Check out this section to find out why and when are some of the best times to sell your Saskatoon home.

How To Choose A Real Estate Agent

Selling your Saskatoon home is a big decision and likely one of the biggest sales of your life. You want to ensure that you find a licensed Saskatoon REALTOR® who will meet your expectations and sell your house on your terms.

Why Choose Kari To Sell

There are hundreds of licensed Saskatoon REALTORS® so why should you choose working with me? I have bought and sold hundreds of homes in the Saskatoon real estate market and am confident that I can provide you the best level of service possible. Check out this section to find out why you should consider hiring me as your Saskatoon real estate agent.

Selling Costs

Before deciding to sell your home it is important to understand and familiarize yourself with all of the costs associated with it. This section will provide you information on all of the costs of selling your Saskatoon home.

Preliminary Evaluation

Before some people can list their home they need to know an approximate value of their home in Saskatoon or surrounding area. This section will go over the information I need from you to start this ball rolling.

Comparative Market Analysis

Once you have decided that you need/want to sell your Saskatoon home and that you want to hire me for the job based on the services I provide I will spend the necessary time to give you a proper CMA. This is more detailed than a quick evaluation and the numbers may change depending on when I do it vs when we decide is the right time to list your house for sale in Saskatoon. This section will give you more information on the process.