I am a full service Saskatoon real estate agent so all of my sellers are given the same services for the same price. I don’t believe in partial packages as each seller should be given the same services to benefit the sale of their home.

The first step is to determine if we can work together. I don’t take on every listing opportunity I have as, if I think the seller has unrealistic expectations on the price of their property, I don’t want to set us both up for failure.

Once we determine if we can work together I will do a proper CMA. This CMA is relevant at the time I do it, not necessarily 2 weeks or 2 months from now. We then determine a pricing range and a list price and I will speak to you about my experience with buyer’s so that we can capture as many people as possible.

There is paperwork that we need to go through and sign, so whoever is on title needs to be available to sign this. If we need to do some by distance we can do this by fax, scan, email, etc. I am very tech savvy so there are no problems with distance.

I will need to take pictures so I ask my sellers to ensure their Saskatoon house for sale is picture ready before putting the house on the market. It is best to have the pictures up as soon as the house is listed for sale in Saskatoon as our auto-email sends new listings the day they hit the market and if we are unprepared we miss out on potential Saskatoon home buyers.

Once your home is on the market I will be getting in touch with you for any showings. After showings I get feedback and will communicate that to you so that we can make any changes necessary but so that you also feel included and know what is happening with your house as that can be frustrating for sellers who use Saskatoon REALTORS® who do not get feedback. You have no idea what is happening and that is not fair.