Not only do I do my best to ensure that we price your home correctly so that you can get the best price and avoid market damage but I take pride in not ‘buying’ listings. If you agree to it, I like to get almost all of my new listings on our “Caravan” system which is unique to Century 21. This gets approximately 20+/- agents through your door within the first week of your listing your home for sale in Saskatoon. Those agents will talk about your property and give feedback on the list price, what they think it will sell for, as well as point out any negatives that you may or may not be aware of which gives the opportunity to fix these items.

Each week Century 21 has a sales meeting and at this sales meeting we go over the current market, current Saskatoon real estate trends, current Saskatoon real estate challenges and also a needs and wants section. This allows our company to speak about upcoming houses for sale in Saskatoon as well as if someone has a buyer and they have exhausted all other listings we can advise them of new houses for sale in Saskatoon that haven’t yet hit the market. Century 21 Saskatoon works as a team to get your home sold.

Along with my online marketing I also do some print media such as the REALTOR ® Showcase however most people look online now at houses for sale in Saskatoon so this is where I focus my money and energy. My websites are at the top of different search terms generically, this means I do not pay for the location on the 1st page of google searches like some agents do. If that agent pays to be there they could drop off at any time.

If you ever have any feedback about my write up or if I have missed something I am always open to my client’s requests and appreciate working together with my sellers to sell your Saskatoon home.

I take confidentiality very serious which many Saskatoon real estate agents do not. I don’t disclose motivation for selling or ask agents to bring me an offer for $x as I want you to get the most money you can for your Saskatoon home for sale.