I will meet with you, discuss a general pricing structure and commission structure and if you decide that you want to work more closely with me I will spend the time to do a CMA. A certified appraiser is who you want if you are just looking for a price for any other reason. Appraisers can take a minimum of 4 hours on figuring out a price range and it takes Saskatoon real estate agents several hours as well to meet, assess your home and then do the research to find out where an appraisal will come in.

This CMA is only relevant for today’s market. The Saskatoon real estate market changes almost daily so if you aren’t working with a Saskatoon REALTOR® who is up to date and active in today’s market you could be making an error. If we meet and I do an initial CMA and then you decide to wait a couple of weeks to do some work on your house or get rid of tenants I will need to refresh my CMA. If I don’t we risk the market having changed and we may be leaving money on the table. Don’t hold a CMA that I have done a year ago against me as it is no longer relevant. I am a very active Saskatoon real estate agent so you have the assurance that I am up to date on what is happening now.