How I Advocate For Sellers

Confidentiality is one of the most important things when negotiating and working for a seller. A buyer will naturally ask why someone is selling their home and, depending on the agent’s response, this can really work against you. As we will already be priced smart because of the information I have provided on the CMA there shouldn’t be any need to even consider a ‘low ball’ offer. This section outlines more about some of things I do to help ensure you get the best price and terms for your needs.

What You Need To Do Once The House Has Sold

Sellers often wonder what they need to do once the house has sold. This section outlines what you need to do once we have a firm deal in place and before possession.

Closing Costs For Selling

Closing costs are less when selling than when buying as there are no land title transfer taxes. Also, depending on how many days it takes for the money to appear in your bank (depends on the lawyers and land titles) you are also entitled to some interest from the buyer’s so this section outlines some of the closing costs and timelines.

Role Of A Real Estate Lawyer For Selling

Do you need to use a lawyer when selling your house? Yes. This section outlines what the lawyer does when you sell your home and the time frames that you need to be aware of.

Moving Preparations

There are a few different scenarios when you are selling your home and different ways to deal with them. Sometimes a seller needs to rent, other times they have a few weeks to move. This section goes over the different scenarios and what you need to do to prepare for the move and how to adjust your family to the move.

Choosing A Mover

There are many movers out there and some are better than others. Finding a reputable moving company can make all the difference in the world for your moving experience as well as in what condition your beloved belongings are in when they arrive at your destination so this section will go over a few things to consider when you book a mover.

Helping The Buyer

Are there responsibilities and expectations of the seller when they are moving? Absolutely. To put it simply I like to ask of my sellers to leave their home in a clean state and in a condition that they would be happy to have when they got a new house. This is pretty standard and common sense but sometimes sellers are in a rush and don’t take the time to clean. In this section I will speak about what is and isn’t expected and what you can do to make the buyer’s experience a positive one (this helps when it comes to getting mail that may be overlooked too!)

Closing Day For Sellers

Possession day can bring mixed feelings for the sellers. Buyers are generally excited when it comes to possession day but sellers may be selling their home for a variety of reasons and some of those reasons are not positive ones. This section goes over what you need to do to prepare for possession day.