The home selling process can be stressful, so let me help make it as easy as possible. The reasons people decide to sell their home include upgrading to a new home, need more space for a growing family, downsizing for empty nesters, relocating out of Saskatoon, divorce or even death. Each situation requires a special approach that is tailored to the seller. There are hundreds of Saskatoon real estate agents to choose from, some who charge less in commissions for selling your house and some who charge more. The important thing to remember when selecting a real estate agent in Saskatoon is that you get what you pay for and when an agent is willing to take money from their pocket by cutting their commission imagine what they are willing to do to someone else’s pocket. When working with a seller I strive to provide the best level of service and go the extra mile to ensure a smooth transaction which includes trying to get the best possible price.

I am a very honest and ethical Saskatoon real estate agent and will always ensure my clients interests are first when selling their home. When meeting with potential sellers I provide a market analysis of their home and provide an honest and realistic evaluation of the current home value in the Saskatoon real estate market. I conduct very thorough research and prepare a comparative market analysis that outlines where your home should be priced to ensure you receive top dollar for you home but also sell it within a time frame that is acceptable to you. I have three basic principles that I operate by when working with sellers; honesty, respect, and communication. I will not lie to someone to earn their business, I will respect you and your family in all cases when working with you, and I will provide prompt and regular communication to ensure you are fully aware through the entire process when selling your home so that you feel like you have some control in the process.

Some people question the value or benefit of using a REALTOR® to sell their home . I have worked with a number of people who have tried selling their Saskatoon or surrounding area home on their own with no luck. The problem generally isn’t that their home is not desirable, but instead that potential buyers couldn’t find their home as it wasn’t marketed as well as a MLS® listed property. Some other challenges with listing your home yourself are: availability to show the home, buyers don’t feel comfortable with the homeowner being there during a showing, and buyers will often have a Saskatoon real estate agent and if they don’t feel they can use the expertise of their agent in the most important purchase of their lives they won’t trust that the seller will look after them as the seller is looking after their own interests. There are many other reasons to be wary of selling your own property such as safety for you and your family as you may be opening your door, literally, to someone who is not actually looking for a home to purchase in Saskatoon but is actually looking for a home to rob.

When working with a licensed Saskatoon real estate agent you instantly have access to some of the best tools available to market your home to the widest audience possible. Not all Saskatoon REALTORS® are created equal though. When working with me I utilize all of the standard tools available to each real estate agent but I also go above and beyond with my marketing techniques to ensure maximum exposure for your home.

The following sections of my website provide a lot of information for the entire home selling process. Visit each area below to find information about each stage of selling a home in Saskatoon or the surrounding area and what to expect from me.


So you’re thinking about selling your home? There are a lot of reasons why people are thinking about selling their home and also a lot of things to consider before making the decision. Be sure to check out this area of my website to help you make your decision on selling your Saskatoon or surrounding area home.


Now that you have decided to sell your home what are the next steps to get it ready? There are a lot of small things that you can do to your home to increase its value as well as the marketability. Often people will spend a significant amount of money on upgrades or renovations thinking they will increase the value of their home but they often don’t get their investment back. When Saskatoon home owners work with me I help you determine what you can change or improve with as little money as possible to help you sell your home faster and for more money. I am the experienced set of eyes to get your home ready for potential buyers to make it the most attractive to the general population.


Your house is now officially on the market, what should you expect? When working with home sellers, I ensure that your house is marketed to the widest audience possible. I utilize a wide array of marketing techniques to ensure maximum visibility for your home across potential Saskatoon real estate buyers. I will manage the showings and ensure that other Saskatoon real estate agents are respectful of you and your family when booking and viewing your home. I will help you with the smallest and easiest things to make your home more appealing to potential Saskatoon buyers. Feedback is also important and something I believe is valuable to the home seller. The last and final step in this section is receiving and reviewing an offer. I have negotiated hundreds of real estate transactions for my clients both in buying and selling Saskatoon and surrounding area real estate so be confident that I will work to get the most money for your house as possible with the best terms for you and your family and I will always keep your interests above anyone else’s. Unfortunately some Saskatoon real estate agents do not have their clients’ interests as a priority but you never have to worry about how I handle things as confidentiality can make the difference in how much money you end up with in your pocket.


Now that you have an accepted offer on your house you just need to move right? Not quite. But, when working with me I will make it almost that easy. There are several steps required to close your real estate sale transaction which are just as important as accepting the offer. I will help you with each of these steps to ensure that it is as simple as possible.