Saskatoon Neighbourhood EvergreenOver the past several years the City of Saskatoon has been growing at tremdous rate, probably faster than the previous 10 years before.  The city has developed several large neighbourhoods including Willowgrove and Hampton Village.  Both of these new neighbourhoods were developed much faster than originally anticipated.  All lots in both Willowgrove and Hamption Village are sold out although construction is still underway.  Other large developments include Stonebridge which is owned and developed by Dundee, a large Saskatoon home builder.  Stonebridge is anticipated to be fully developed 5 years ahead of schedule due to the current demand for housing in Saskatoon.

In saying that the City of Saskatoon has already started the sale of lots in the newest Saskatoon neighourhood development called Evergreen.  Evergreen was given it’s name as it is designed a specific way to preserve two rows of 50 year old pine trees as an urban forest. Evergreen has a unique location and is situated directly north of University Heights, north west of Willowgrove, and is west of the Saskatoon Forestry Farm. To the east and south of the neighbourhood is agriculture land that is dedicate to research with no plans to change this.

Evergreen has been designed as a sustainable urban village and is focused on being environmentally friendly while providing residence a great living experience. The neighourhood will be a combination of residential homes, multi-unit dwellings, open spaces, and commercial spaces. A unique difference with the design of the neighourhood is that the majority of all lots are designed to receive the full benefit of the sun’s rays providing opportunities for solar power if chosen by Saskatoon home owenrs. Another great feature of Evergreen is the elaborate park and trail system that has been incorporated int the design. The entire neighourhood has a connecting park and trail system that will allow resident to run, jog, or bike across the entire neighourhood without stopping.

Evergreen has two proposed elementary schools and a community center although these aren’t expected to be decided on for a few years yet. There is a village square that provides a central meeting place for the entire neighourhood. This focal point of the commmunity will also be the same location of many of the commercial buildings that will provide shops and service to the Saskatoon residents.

One thing to be aware of though when purchasing a new home in Evergreen is that the lot sizes are traditionally smaller than in other neighourhoods across Saskatoon. The average lot size is slightly smaller than both Willowgrove and Hampton village as well the cost is higher as well. It is important when choosing a new home whether you are building or buying an existing home to consider the layout of the lot. Some people prefer sunlight during the morning in their backyard while others prefer sunlight in the afternoon and evening. Each lot provides a unique option for home owners so it is important to consider these options when buying a new Saskatoon Evergreen home.

One last thing that is also unique to Evergreen is that the City of Saskatoon is offering several incentives to people buying lots. Please note that the first phase of Evergreen is already sold out and the majority of the lots were purchased by Saskatoo home builders.

  • A $500 administrative cost rebate will be given for homes certified through the ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Initiative in Canada, the EnerGuide
  • Rating System Initiative, or the LEED Canada for Homes program.
  • A rainwater collection barrel will be offered with each lot sale as a way of supporting reduced potable water use.
  • A composter will be offered with each lot sale in order to encourage sustainable organic waste practices.
  • Two Saskatoon berry bushes will be provided per lot sale in order to promote xeriscaping practices.

Please feel free to contact me anytime for further information around the Evergreen neighbourhood in Saskatoon. I am here to help answer all of your Saskatoon Evergreen real estate buying questions.

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
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