Delisle is a town that is trying to attract more people from Saskatoon however with a 30 minute or more commute to the City of Saskatoon (and dealing with traffic inside of the city) it may not be very practical for the average commuter.

The town of Delisle has grown from 898 to 975 in 2011 and is found less than half an hour from Saskatoon. Agrium Potash mine helped boost the economy.

The town of Delisle has one of the largest high schools in the division which brings in students from nearby villages such as Donovan, Vanscoy, Pike Lake, Kinley, Laura and Swanson.

Businesses such as dog kennels, auto sales, banks, hotel, hairstylists, law office etc can be found in Delisle. Delisle is pretty full service with having a library, golf course, children’s playgrounds, tennis court, rink, archery, senior citizen’s club,

Emergency services are provided by a local detachment of the RCMP.

Real estate in Delisle is picking up as the town purchased just under 200 acres east which is going to be used for future development and expansion.