Evergreen is named such as it was designed to preserve two rows of 50-year old Scots Pine trees as an urban forest. The neighbourhood is surrounded by a combination of parks, open fields, and nature. To the west is the Saskatoon Forestry Farm, to the east and south is land dedicated to agricultural research and to the north is the Northeast Swale, an area preserved as a native prairie remnant and natural wildlife corridor to the South Saskatchewan River valley.

The community is connected by an extensive park and trail system that meets at two locations; the first is the centrally located neighbourhood park next to the proposed site for two elementary schools and a community centre. The other is the Village Square where, in the future, you will find boutique shops and services. There will also be a larger commercial area in the northeast section called the District Village where you will find larger establishments such as restaurants, grocery stores, gas bars and medical clinics but for now the people of Evergreen are likely taking advantages of the new amenities in University Heights.

Evergreen is serviced by three elementary schools; Silverspring School, Mother Teresa School and Dr. John G. Egnatoff School. For high school kids can go to St. Joseph High School or Centennial Collegiate.

Statistics 2015

Population: 4,538 Home ownership: N/A Average Personal Income: $53,480 Average Household Size: N/A


University Heights Development area is to the north, U of S Lands East Management Area to the east, University Heights S.C. to the south, and Silverspring to the west.

Population Breakdown

No population breakdown is available for this neighbourhood.

Family Income


Family Income Number
Under $10,000  0
$10,000 – $19,999  0
$20,000 – $29,999  5
$30,000 – $39,999  8
$40,000 – $49,999  6
$50,000 – $59,999  6
$60,000 – $79,999  6
$80,000 – $99,999  5
$100,000 – $124,999  12
$125,000 – $149,999  5
$150,000 and over 34



Public Elementary Schools: None Separate Elementary Schools: None Public Middle Schools: None Separate Middle Schools: None Public Secondary Schools: None Separate Secondary Schools:None


Park Name Acres
Erindale Pocket 0.5
Ernest Lindner Park 21.2
John Avant Park 13.2


Types of Homes


Types of Home Number
One Unit Dwelling 1,130
Two Unit Dwelling 746
Multi-Unit Dwelling 994
Neighborhood Area (acres) 646.6
Dwelling Units per Acre 4.4


Age of Homes


Age of homes Number
Before 1960 0
1961 – 1980 0
1981 – 1990 0
1991 – 2000 0
2001 – 2005 0
2006 – 2011 N/A


Average Selling Prices

Year 2015                                 No. of Sales            Avg. Price ($)

Single Family Dwelling        254                            $491,923

Low-Rise Apt Condo             110                            $272,260

Condo Townhouse                 110                            $315,248


The neighborhood statistical information on this page was compiled by the City of Saskatoon Planning Branch, all of the information was accurate as of the 2015 Federal Census.