The City of Saskatoon is truly a one of a kind city that I am proud to call home. I have had the opportunity to live and travel in different countries around the world and can say in my perspective that Saskatoon is my favourite city to live. Whether you are looking to relocate to Saskatoon or considering moving within the city, the following information will assist you with some of your questions.

Why Saskatoon?

Saskatoon is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities and with that presents endless opportunities for existing residents or people looking to relocate. This section provides you high level information about Saskatoon and why you may want to consider calling it home.


Saskatoon is comprised of over 60 neighbourhoods spread into 5 areas. Each neighbourhood has its own unique attributes. If you are considering of buying a home in Saskatoon it is important that you research and find the Saskatoon neighbourhood that best meets your needs.

Surrounding Area

Not interested in living in the city? If so Saskatoon has a wide variety of options that are a short drive away. Whether you are interested in acreage living or just a smaller community there are endless opportunities. The surrounding area of Saskatoon is split into 4 areas with each area having its own unique attributes.


For many, one of the most important considerations when buying a home is the surrounding schools. This section will provide you information on all of the schools in the City of Saskatoon so you can be sure that you find the right school for your needs.

Restaurant Guide

One of the most common questions I get when dealing with out of town buyers is “Where is a good place to go out for supper?” As a Saskatoon real estate agent I am on the go a lot so have put together a section to provide comments and ratings on some of my favourite restaurants in Saskatoon. Be sure to add your own suggestions and comments.

Public Services

Public Services include everything from transit to recycling. In the following section you will find all of the information you will need whether you relocating to Saskatoon or moving to another area.

Utility Services

Have you ever had a hard time locating all of the contact details for all of the utility providers when relocating? This section provides details and contact information for all utility providers in the City of Saskatoon.