A recent article in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix spoke about the large influx of people to our province in the past year. 2011 was the largest increase in population since 1921-nearly 100 years with an additional 22,000 plus people moving to Saskatchewan in the past year.

Saskatchewan is not only attracting people from other provinces in Canada but also from around the world. From July 1, 2011 to July 1, 2012 our province gained 22, 154 people. As of July 1 we have 1, 079, 958 people living in Saskatchewan.

Some of the largest net interprovincial migrations were from Ontario and BC with Manitoba and Alberta coming in 3rd and 4th respectively. Saskatchewan and Alberta were the only two provinces with net in-migration from other provinces in the past quarter. The number coming from Ontario was huge with 843 people moving to Saskatchewan. As a real estate agent in Saskatoon I have met and helped several people from Ontario in the past year so this is not a big surprise to me.

Saskatchewan had a net international migration of 4035 and a natural increase (births minus deaths) of 1443 in the past quarter. Brad Wall states that competitive taxes and engagement regarding trade and immigration are necessary priorities going forward. We do need to keep up with the challenges of growth and, as a REALTOR (r) in Saskatoon, I see those challenges in terms of houses and infrastructure. I have heard from a lot more first time home buyers in Saskatoon who are new to Canada buyers this year than ever before.

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