Like real estate agents in Saskatoon there are many mortgage brokers in Saskatoon with varying degrees of knowledge and competency. You can call your bank and ask them to put you in touch with a mortgage person however you are often better off with a mortgage broker in Saskatoon who doesn’t work for a specific lender. Mortgage brokers work in a similar way as REALTORS® in that they don’t get paid until they secure your mortgage. As they often don’t have the same constraints as mortgage consultants who work for a specific bank they can shop around for the best rates and products for your specific needs. Mortgage brokers often have more flexibility with both time and with products they have access to and they will often be flexible with where and when they can meet with you. Ensure that your mortgage broker is experienced and find out how much time they need from the time your Saskatoon REALTOR® sends them the offer to purchase documents to being able to get approval. If they need more than 5 business days you need to find another broker!