Now that you’ve decided to purchase a home in the Saskatoon or surrounding area real estate market what are the next steps? This is where I step in and help all of my clients and make the looking process as easy and effective as possible. There are thousands of Saskatoon real estate listings on MLS as well as several hundred more private sales. You can find houses on the Saskatchewan MLS system, Kijiji, or even with signs in the front yard. With so much information and so many options how can anyone make a decision and ensure they are getting the right house for them?

Before we actually start looking at houses I want my buyers to be preapproved, preferably through a Saskatoon mortgage broker or, even better, a Saskatoon mortgage specialist. There is a big difference between doing an online preapproval/prequalification and getting a preapproval from a bank or mortgage broker. There is nothing more heartbreaking than finding a house for sale in Saskatoon and falling in love with it based on what you think you can spend vs what your lender determines you can comfortably spend.

Personal Consultation

When starting with a new buyer I prefer to first meet at my Century 21 Saskatoon office to visit about their needs/wants and the real estate process. After we have established that we can work together we then will begin looking at homes for sale in Saskatoon and surrounding area. This section will go more in depth and touch upon the consultation process and what to expect when working together.

What Should I Buy?

Most people have made up their minds before they contact me about what type of property they are looking for but from time to time my buyers aren’t sure if they want a condo, house, duplex, etc. This section will explain some of the differences between the different styles of houses and condos and the different lifestyles afforded by each option.

How Do We Search?

In this busy day and age we have to work together to ensure everyone’s time is managed efficiently so there are different ways of searching and eliminating homes. This section goes over who does what and how we can make the actual showing process as efficient as possible.

It’s All About Location

The old adage is true! Location, location, location! While you may love a house for sale in Saskatoon and you may be able to see yourself living there if the neighbourhood isn’t want you want or need there is no point. I will also help new to Saskatoon buyers understand neighbourhoods better so that they don’t end up somewhere they don’t feel safe as I like to tell my buyers “If I wouldn’t live there you may want to think twice about living there yourself” and I will be honest with you. This section speaks more in depth about the importance of location.

House Hunting in Saskatoon

Saskatoon is a growing city so when we are out looking at houses for sale in Saskatoon there is a method to how I set up our day and our time. This section outlines what I need from you to get appointments set up and also some of the challenges I face when things change last minute so that we can all avoid any complications.

What Happens While Viewing Homes

In this section I go over the showing process and what we are looking for and at. Often the buyer is looking to see if their furniture fits while I am looking at the structure of the place and what is around it. There is also a protocol to follow when viewing other people’s homes and I will go over what you can and cannot do when viewing houses for sale in Saskatoon and surrounding area.

How Long Should the Home Buying Process Take?

For some buyers they actually buy the first house for sale in Saskatoon that they see. This doesn’t happen often and more often than not they need to see a few other properties for sale before they offer on the first one but generally speaking the process shouldn’t take too long. It depends on a person’s motivation to buy and this section will go over why it may take longer for some than others to find the right house.

What Happens If Kari Is Not In Town?

I am connected to my phone, iPad, laptop, etc while I am in or out of the city. I do go away once in awhile so I have several colleagues, including a licensed assistant, who are going to be able to help you in my absence. This section goes over what happens if I am out of the city and you are ready to buy a property.

For Sale By Owner

I can help you with these as well. When I work with buyers I ask them to keep me informed if they see something on the MLS system or a private listing so that I can help them with any purchase. It is the largest purchase of your life so you shouldn’t be expecting the home seller to look out for your best interests and in private sales the owner is looking out for themselves, not you. This section goes into more detail about how I handle for sale by owners in Saskatoon and surrounding area and why you don’t want to go it alone.

Open Houses

Open houses can be a great way to preview houses without your agent with you or to get ideas of what you want in a home. In this section I will let you know what to say to the Saskatoon REALTOR® who is hosting the open house so that you aren’t roped into signing up on their websites or other.