There are lots of things do remember when it comes to getting ready to move so this section will provide a list of things you need to do and timelines of when you need to do them before you move into your new home. From contacting utility providers to address changes you will want to ensure the process goes smoothly as you wouldn’t want to be without power for a weekend as you didn’t know who to call!

Book ahead and try to move during the week as weekends and holiday weekends tend to be the busiest. If you are able to do it during the week you may even get a discounted rate! Just ask!

1-2 Months Before

  • Eliminate items you no longer use/want-have a garage sale or make donations to local charitable organizations, why pay to move it when you don’t need or want it? You can call for free pickups here in Saskatoon with the Diabetes Association or Community Living.
  • Start getting boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc…anything you will need to pack up and make notes of what may need special attention. Ask at your local grocery store or liquor store for strong boxes.
  • Obtain change of address cards to contact any of your regular mail senders.
  • Obtain medical and dental records as well as children’s immunizations if moving out of the area.
  • Arrange for your children’s school records to be transferred to their new school.
  • Make travel plans and reservations.
  • Use up food supplies.
  • Dispose of hazardous goods.

2 – 4 Weeks Before

  • Start packing and begin with items in your home you do NOT use on a regular basis.
  • Be sure to clearly label or number your boxes to make unpacking easier and to find items.
  • As you pack, make notes of items of significant value (LCD/Plasma TV’s, stereos, computers, etc) as you may need to declare items of value if they are lost or damaged during the move.
  • Go to to change some important information online.
  • Go to your local post office to fill out a change of address form with your new address and mail forward as needed.
  • Don’t forget to contact the following places to notify of change of address; banks, cable/phone providers, insurance companies, utility companies, credit card companies, doctor/dentist offices, investment companies, etc.
  • Arrange for final meter readings for all of your utilities and for termination on the day of possession.

1 Week Before

  • Confirm your reservations with your movers or truck company if you haven’t already done so.
  • If required, cancel or transfer your newspaper delivery service.
  • Finish all of your packing.
  • Have your car serviced if driving a long distance.
  • Close charge accounts.
  • Arrange shipment of pets if necessary.
  • Reconfirm utility service disconnects (disconnect after moving day and connect prior to or on delivery day).

A Few Days Before

  • Reconfirm arrival time of your movers and make sure they know exactly where they are going and have your mobile number just in case.
  • Start dismantling furniture if you are moving yourself.
  • Pack a travel bag with items you may need on moving day such as toothbrushes, clothes, medications, toiletries, etc.
  • Set aside items to take in the car including jewelry and passports.

Moving Day

  • Make a note of all utility meter readings (both at the old home and the new home). Pictures are helpful in case of any fear of discrepancy.
  • Be there when the truck is being loaded and unloaded just in case your movers have questions.
  • Before the movers leave, check your belongings and make a note on their paperwork and yours if there are any damaged item.