Now that we have found your dream house and have an accepted offer there are just a few remaining steps to finalize the purchase of your new Saskatoon home. Although finding your house is the majority of the challenge closing and finalizing the deal is critical to ensure a smooth transition into your new home. The following information will provide you a Saskatoon real estate buyer information on the closing process for your new Saskatoon home.

How I Advocate For Buyers

I have worked with over 300 buyers since becoming a real estate agent in Saskatoon so my experience in negotiating for them is very broad. I ensure your needs are met and that you are fully looked after in the home buying process. This section outlines the benefits of hiring me to represent you in the largest and most important purchase of your life and why experience is important.

Closing Costs For Buying

Not only do you need to consider a down payment or a deposit on your Saskatoon and area home purchase but there are additional fees incurred when buying a home. This section will go over what to expect financially when buying a home in Saskatoon or surrounding area including legal fees, land title transfer, etc.

Moving Preparations

There are lots of things do remember when it comes to getting ready to move so this section will provide a list of things you need to do and timelines of when you need to do them before you move into your new home. From contacting utility providers to address changes you will want to ensure the process goes smoothly as you wouldn’t want to be without power for a weekend as you didn’t know who to call!

Helping Your Family Adjust To The Move

A move can be stressful on everyone so the more that you can do before the move to help prepare your family the easier the transition will be. This section provides some tips and tricks on how to prepare for your upcoming move.

Choosing A Mover

There are many moving companies in Saskatoon and surrounding area and I have worked with a few. I will go over what you should expect when hiring a mover and provide you with a few reputable companies to call.

Closing Day For Buyers

So it is possession day, what happens now? As I have been with my buyers from the start this is often the most exciting day for everyone so you will definitely see me at your new home on possession day. This section will explain what happens on possession day and what we look for when we take possession.