Now that we have found your dream home in Saskatoon it’s time to put in an offer. There are a lot of things to consider when submitting an offer on a new potential home. It is important that we consider the current Saskatoon real estate market conditions, comparibles that have recently sold, length of time on the market, and many other variables that will help determine the best price for you as a buyer. The most important factor that helps determine your offer price is what you feel comfortable offering. It is important that you are comfortable with what you are offering and you understand all of the costs associated with your potential home. As a Saskatoon REALTOR® I have access to detailed information on all Saskatchewan MLS® listed properties which is very beneficial when conducting our research to determine the offer.

Once we have an accepted offer there are still several steps to finalize the purchase of your home. One of the most important steps I recommend all of my clients do is to have a home inspection completed on any new potential home.

Multiple Offers

While multiple offers are nothing new, in 2007 real estate in Saskatoon saw a change from a rare occurance to every house for sale in Saskatoon taking multiple offers. This section outlines the process and what to be aware of and to consider when you are in a multiple offer situation.

Home Buyers Documents

Your Saskatoon REALTOR® will be providing you with a lot of documents to put in an offer to purchase. Most of these are mandatory so this section outlines what you can expect for documents and what happens to these documents once you have found the right house or condo in Saskatoon or surrounding communities.

Home Inspections 101

Should you get a home inspection when you are purchasing a house for sale in Saskatoon? Yes. Should you always get a home inspection? The answer is usually yes as well. This section gives information on what the home inspection can and cannot tell you about the property you are about to invest in.

Acceptance And Next Steps

Now that you have found your dream home, put in an offer and have had that offer accepted what do you do next? This is the question most of my Saskatoon home buyers struggle with. Even seasoned buyers often forget what the next steps are so this section will help make the process an easier one.

Role Of A Real Estate Lawyer For Buying

I have had buyers in the past tell me they didn’t want to use a lawyer but this is not an option in Saskatchewan Real Estate. The lawyer comes into the equation once all conditions have been removed but can be involved before this occurs. Occasionaly a condo buyer will want their lawyer to review the Schedule C documents so they will need to meet with their lawyer earlier than a stand alone home buyer. This section outlines the when and what for the real estate lawyer in Saskatoon.